The outreach subcommittee is responsible for networking, event planning, fundraising and reaching out to potential partners who support our councils mission, such as, other local organisations, school boards, city council, local businesses and high school eco teams. In other words, this subcommittee is exposed to event planning opportunities, volunteer work and outreach to potential partners in the community to grow and support the Windsor-Essex Youth Climate Council.

Research and Advocacy

Research and Advocacy researches things that are going on in the community, like municipal laws, events, etc. Theen meet and discuss if action will be taken on them, and if so what, and present the plan of action to the executive committee. Once it's approved the plan is excecuted!


Communications is focused on marketing, education, and outreach through social media, as well as managing our Instagram, Twitter, etc. and the committee's relations with other organizations and municipal leaders through social media. This subcommittee is also in charge of creating graphics and doing research for events and educational infographics!