Meet the Members

Lyra Sheldon (she/her)


Instagram: @cellothere101

I'm an undergrad student looking to pursue a human rights law career in the future. I believe strongly in the power of mutual aid and community, and I wanted to help create an organization that would allow local youth to work together and to have their voices heard in the climate justice movement. Like any cause, I believe we can strive for climate justice through cooperation, amplifying marginalized voices, and working to dismantle the systems that allow and thrive on the destruction of our planet.

Jana Jandal Alrifai (she/her)


Instagram: @janajalrifai

I organize with Climate Strike Canada and FFF Windsor Essex. I joined WEYCC because I wanted to diversify my activism and be more active in my community. Climate Change impacts Windsor-Essex in unique ways and I believe the most valuable impact comes from municipal and local levels. I cannot wait for what this council will do!

Cara Braun (she/her)


I’m a grade 11 student from Leamington, and the environment and climate change have always been things that I’m passionate about. I was excited to join WEYCC to be able to work with others from around the county who also want to make a difference!

Sofie Waters (she/her)

Treasurer / Co-chair, Research and Advocacy Subcommittee

Instagram: @sofie.waters

My name's Sofie and I'm a grade 11 student at E.J Lajeunesse, where I am the minister of the environment on the student council. I am very passionate about climate related issues and I think it's super important that youth get involved in political decision making!

Zoé Beaulieu (she/her)

Co-chair, Outreach Subcommittee

Instagram: @zoe_beaulieu_

My name is Zoe, I’m currently a grade 11 student at E.J. Lajeunesse High School. I’m very focused on school, soccer and climate issues, which is why I chose to join the WEYCC. I am very passionate about the environment and the quandary we now find ourselves in with climate change. The WEYCC has given me many leadership and management opportunities witch is also something I value and appreciate.

Capri Nantais (she/her)

Co-chair, Outreach Subcommittee

Instagram: @caprinantais

I am a 17 year old student at E.J Lajeunesse high school in grade 11. I joined WEYCC to enhance my involvement within the community and because I believe that our climate is without a doubt one of the most pressing issues in which we face currently as a society.

Melody Dueck (she/her)

Co-chair, Communications Subcommittee

Instagram: @merdel__

Hi! I'm a grade ten student from Leamington District Secondary School. Social issues have always been something I've been passionate about and, through school, I have been able to get much more active in the environmental activism realm and, wanting to be able to contribute in the fight against climate change as much as I could, joining the WEYCC was the perfect opportunity! Outside of climate action, I really like to play sports, read, draw and write.

Rendel Arner (she/they)

Co-chair, Communications Subcommittee

Instagram: @rendelphobia

I'm currently a grade 10 IB prep student. I've been apart of WE-YCC since its first meeting and I've loved seeing the council develop since then! I also work with other environmental groups in the area including my school's ecoteam and FFFWE. I'm passionate about education surrounding intersectionality within the climate movement and activism in general. I've loved nature and the outdoors from a young age and am committed to the conservation, protection, and restoration of our planet through sustainability and change. I am so excited to see the future of the WE-YCC and to welcome new members as we grow!

Wren Cormier (they/she)

Co-chair, Research and Advocacy Subcommittee

Instagram: @wren_cormier1

I'm a genderqueer grade 10 student at Walkerville. I joined WEYCC because I care deeply about the climate and want to do whatever I can to help.